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In Case of Severe Weather

Living in Michigan, we can count on severe weather at least a couple of times a year. Rather than assume that we are (or are not) cancelling an event, make yourself familiar with St. Mary's severe weather policy for liturgy and event cancellations:

  • Weekend Masses: Face it, this is Michigan and we are Catholics. A weekend Mass will not be cancelled because of severe weather except in very rare cases. We know that our parishioners live in a variety of different areas, on different kinds of streets, and with different modes of transportation. While some of our parishioners may be iced or snowed in, others may have a clear, plowed route between their home and the church.
    For wind, snow or ice, follow this simple rule: If you do not feel safe traveling, then do not travel. Your safety is important. We will try to be here for those who are able to travel safely.
  • Meetings or music rehearsals: meetings and rehearsals are not often cancelled, but it can happen. Follow the same rule of thumb as for traveling to Mass. If a meeting or rehearsal is cancelled because of weather, an effort will be made to pass the word by telephone and email to the participants.

If a decision is made to cancel a Mass, special liturgy or other event, the announcement will be sent to WZZM Channel 13 news and WOOD TV/Radio. They will distribute this information on-air and on-line. If possible, the church telephone system will be updated and signs will be posted at the church to announce the cancellation.