Time and Talent Sunday | Domingo de Tiempo y Talento

Sep 16, 2019

What are you going to do this year to share your time and talent with the parish? This is an important question each of us needs to pray over and act on. Stewardship of time and talent and Christian discipleship are linked realities. Sunday, September 22nd, will be our Time and Talent Sunday. This is an opportunity for all the members of the parish to commit or recommit to the ways in which they wish to share of their time and talent within our parish community.

Look over the many options on the Stewardship form and prayerfully consider how you’d like to contribute. If you’d like to continue a ministry or try a new activity, mark it! We’ll collect the forms after Mass on Sunday, September 22nd. Extra forms will be available at the church.

The life of discipleship is expressed through faithful stewardship and continuing conversion:

“We do not become a steward once and are done with it. It is not a one-time commitment. It is a way of life. Our stewardship of God’s many gifts… has to be attended to daily. We have to constantly renew our appreciation and gratitude for our gifts, our determination to develop these gifts responsibly, our willingness to share these gifts generously, so that God is glorified through our stewardship of our time, our talents and even our treasure. A steward recognizes that all of these gifts come from God, and ultimately all are destined for God’s glory.”

Bishop Paul Coakley of Salina

Domingo de Tiempo y Talento

¿Qué va a hacer este año para compartir su tiempo y talento con la parroquia?” Esta pregunta es muy importante, y cada uno de nosotros necesita a orar y actuar sobre la respuesta. La mayordomía (corresponsabilidad) del tiempo y el talento y el discipulado cristiano son realidades vinculadas. El 22 de septiembre, vamos a tener nuestro Domingo de Tiempo y Talento. Esta será una oportunidad para los miembros de la parroquia a comprometerse o renovar su compromiso en la manera que deseen compartir su tiempo y talento dentro de nuestra comunidad parroquial. Vean las diversas opciones en la Hoja de Corresponsabilidad y en oración considere cómo le gustaría contribuir. Si usted desea continuar su ministerio, ponga una marca, si le gustaría tratar algo nuevo, márquelo por favor.

Vamos a recoger las formas el domingo 22 de septiembre, después de Misa. ¡Muchas gracias!

Stewardship Ministries