Music Ministries

Music Ministries

Calendars/schedules are available on the Liturgical Ministry Schedules page.

Music is a primary way of expressing ourselves during Mass and other communal prayer times. Music stirs our thoughts and feelings. It connects us to the moment and to each other. The music of the liturgy can inspire, shape, nourish and strengthen us.

Of course, music doesn’t just “happen”. Many people are needed to do their part for the benefit of all. Some ways of helping our music ministries don’t even directly involve “music”. Please prayerfully consider how you can nurture your faith and support the community by participating in or assisting our music ministries!

Choir — No single person can create the sound of a choir… we need people like you to mix in your voices. You do not need to sing well on your own or read music to be in a choir! We ask only that you contribute your best effort. This choir is open to all responsible adults and youth. Thursday rehearsals are held at 7:00 p.m. from September through Pentecost. We sing at the 9:30 a.m. Sunday Mass and on some holy days.

El Coro Hispano — The 11:30 a.m. Sunday Mass in Spanish includes a choir of voices & instruments. We rehearse on Sundays before Mass, from 11:00 – 11:30 a.m. (Rehearsals continue throughout the year.)

Psalmists / Cantors — Do others like the sound of your voice? Please consider sharing this gift with the parish! Cantors serve a vital ministry as people who proclaim the psalm and as visible leaders of prayer — at every Mass, funeral, baptism and wedding. Cantor rehearsals are held on Thursdays, from 6:15 – 7:00 p.m., just prior to choir rehearsal. (Cantors are needed to serve year ’round.)

Instrumentalists — Any instrument. Really. If you can play it, we can find a way for you to play at your skill level, whether you want to play regularly, occasionally or for a special event or holiday. If you let us know that you are out there. We would be honored to include you.

Handbell Choir — We are blessed to have handbells in the parish! We are looking for people willing to prepare pieces for Mass. All responsible adults and youth are welcome to play. Those who participate will set the rehearsal and playing schedule.

Resurrection Choir — A funeral liturgy is an important time for family and friends. A “resurrection choir” that assists with the music at funerals is a valuable ministry. Volunteers for this choir rehearse in the hour before a funeral. Calls are placed to resurrection choir members when a funeral is scheduled.

Children’s Choir — Students in grades 3–7 are invited to participate in a children’s choir. The children’s choir is a mix of prayer and percussion, silliness and seriousness! Rehearsals will be scheduled soon; please check the bulletin! A firm commitment is expected from both the student and their parents.

Sound Technician — Training included! For some English Masses and at Masses in Spanish, it would be helpful to have someone to monitor the sound of the musicians and make adjustments on the mixing board. For special liturgies also (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Holy Week) such people would fill a much-needed role.

Phone Calls — People are needed to help call choir members in cases where a message needs to travel quickly.

Office Help — Assistance with folding, stuffing, sorting, stapling, pasting, etc. for special projects.

Data Entry — Help is needed to enter information from our choral music files into the computer.

Translators — Fluent bilingual people to help translate texts between English and Spanish. The more helpers, the lighter the load.

We encourage and welcome volunteers for our parish music ministries at all times. If you are interested in participating, please speak with our director of music ministries. We welcome any questions or comments you have. Thanks for whatever time, talent and prayers you can offer in support of our parish music ministries. Call us at 616.459.7390 x16, or email: